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Does weight gain make PCOS symptoms worse?
Heavier women with PCOS tend to have worse symptoms. Best 2022’s Lose Belly Fat Fast Women Pills. The question is whether gaining weight worsens symptoms or PCOS itself causes women to gain weight.

To prove gaining weight worsens PCOS symptoms, we need studies in which women are made to gain weight and their symptoms monitored for changes. We doubt if such a study has been done because of ethical issues relating to the potential harm to participants. Easy Ways To Fat Loss Pills For Women. That’s not to mention the challenges in recruiting women for a study where they would gain weight. So we need to look for other forms of evidence.

An observational study in Finland found an increase in BMI in women from the age of 14 to 31 was associated with greater likelihood of having irregular periods, excessive hair growth or being diagnosed with PCOS.

And when women with PCOS lost weight through lifestyle changes such as eating less or increasing physical activity, a Cochrane review showed a reduction in male hormones and excess hair growth . 2 Best Fat Burning Pills For Women That Work

Given the above evidence, we could conclude that weight gain is likely to make PCOS symptoms worse.

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