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1. Increase the availability of healthy food choices
Research shows people eat what is available. So, modifying the foods available to young adults can improve their dietary behaviour.

Interventions that have been successful in improving student dietary behaviour include:

having vending machines with no sugary drinks
making self-serve tap water available with all meals
decreasing the portion size of unhealthy foods. Which Fat Burner Empty Stomach really works. This could include offering half-size or mini-size serves of meals, snacks and drinks or halving the portion sizes of hot chips.
2. Educate consumers about healthy food choices
Studies that have looked at factors that influence dietary behaviour changes encourage a combination of education and an increased availability of healthy foods.

Our study found staff and students want healthy foods to be available on campus. But it also found the healthier snacks such as nuts, fruits and muesli or cereal bars were rarely consumed.

One way to help consumers choose healthier options is to promote healthy food and drinks by indicating their energy content, as well as adding labels to highlight which are better for you. Promoting healthier options on menus, boards and labels, and not promoting the less healthy items, such as deep-fried foods or sugary drinks, has been effective in universities.

Educating people about healthy choices includes letting them know the amount of energy or fat a food item contains. from shutterstock.com
3. Reduce the price of healthy foods
A number of studies have been conducted in the workplace and school environments.

These show increasing the price of unhealthy foods by 10% and reducing the price of healthy foods by 10% improves people’s eating habits. 2 Popular Natural Supplements For Weight Loss For Females. Such price reductions and increases could be a viable solution to the on-campus food environment.

Incentives also improve dietary behaviour. These can come in the form of including fruit, vegetable or salad items in the cost of every meal and snack, and/or including healthier items in meal deals.

4. Put healthier foods in a prominent place
A recent review of several studies that evaluated health-promotion programs in workplaces found the placement of fruit, vegetables and fatty foods in prominent locations increases the likelihood of people buying them.

Placing healthier items in visible areas can include putting a fruit bowl next to the cash register, placing free water stations throughout the campus and placing healthier food options at eye level in fridges and vending machines.

5. Have healthy guidelines for catering at university events
Universities should seek the expertise of nutrition academics to develop guidelines that can assist caterers, staff and students to choose and serve healthier food and beverages at university events. Catering guidelines are available for workplaces in states such as Victoria. 2 Supplements To Burn Fat While Sleeping. hey are evidence-based and are available online for all workplaces including universities.

Every university should have access to similar guidelines, which can comprise checklists for caterers, suggested menu items and nutrition tips of event organisers.

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